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Tula Pink - Tabby Road Deja Vu - PWTP233.Electroberry

Tula Pink - Tabby Road Deja Vu - PWTP233.Electroberry


The Deja Vu Collections are designed to offer a new take on an old collection. In an effort to preserve the original collection, Tula has recoloured Tabby Road for a new group of quilters. For people who loved Tabby Road when it first debuted in 2012, Tula offers you a brand new colourway and a reworked print! The linchpin of the collection is "Disco Kitty", a pair of fantasy cast in stripes and polka dots. The collection is built around tehm. Tula has added a new verison called "Club Kitty" scaled up and splattered with nightime stars in the background. The supporting prints are back with the volume turned way up. Tula has added a prism of colours to some of the orignal two and three colour prints to give them their own spotlight.


All Fabric is sold per 25cm width of fabric. For example

1 unit = 25cm WOF

2 units = 50cm WOF

3 units = 75cm WOF

4 units = 1m WOF

Purchases of more than 1 unit will be cut as a continous lenght were possible.

100% cotton and 112cm WIde

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