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Tula Pink Linework Collection PWTP158.PAPER

Tula Pink Linework Collection PWTP158.PAPER

Tula Pink Linework CollectionI have always loved the way a sketch looks before it becomes a more elaborate fabric de- sign. I love to be able to see the thought process, the notes, eraser marks and original ideas that eventually become the artwork we love. The Linework fabric collection is my thought process on cloth. My notes and thoughts are printed directly on the cloth. It’s like a peek behind the veil, like a tour of my mind. Color can be so distracting when looking at the work itself. This was my best attempt to narrow myself down to two crucial elements: Black and White. My main black and white prints focus on animals that live in this range; Zebras, Pandas, Lemurs, Albino Peacocks, and of course a skunk. While I tried my very best to produce these animals in their flaw- less black and white state, the color crept in. I couldn’t help myself. Every print has a subtle ombre of background color that repeats at least twice from selvage to selvage so every fat quarter will contain a full spectrum of color! In addition to the 6 main focal prints I have rounded out the collection with black and white versions of a few of the True Colors prints. All of the colors present in the prints are pulled from the colors in my core True Colors fabrics. It is all designed to go together, each providing what the other needs. All Fabrics are sold per 25cm width of fabric.for example1 unit = 25cm WOF2 units = 50cm WOF3 units = 75cm WOF4 units = 1m WOFpurchases of more than 1 units will be cut and sent as a continous lenght.100% Cotton and 112cm Wide.
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