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Tilda - Cloudpie Collection - Half Metre Bundle

Tilda - Cloudpie Collection - Half Metre Bundle


Growing Up, Tone Finnanger always heard she was an incorrigible daydreamer, her head constantly in the clouds. Her mind would wander from the classroom into a magical world of shapes and colours. Pie in the Sky Collection is a sweet and colourful no to children and their ability to make alternative, creative worlds full of ideas. The range is a fresh array of fabrics for spring and summer, with a doodle-like florals giving the designs a naive and effortless feel. The motifs and colours have a vintage look that invite you to indulge in a happy, creative sewing escape.


1 Unit = 8 x Half Metre pieces (equals 4m).

Bundles come packed flat without ribbon.

100% Cotton and 112cm Wide.


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