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Jaybird Quilts - Fussy Cut Shapes - JBQ205

Jaybird Quilts - Fussy Cut Shapes - JBQ205


Jaybird Quilts Fussy Cut Shapes make fussy cutting easy! The shapes in the 6-piece set have defined seam allowances, crosshairs, and blunt points to create fun & unique fussy cut projects you’ll always treasure!


Each shape has a ¼” gray edge to define the seam allowance, which enables you to focus on the interior space of the shape and know exactly what will appear in the finished shape. Most shapes have centered crosshairs to aid in positioning an image within the shape. Each shape also has blunted points for easy piecing alignment.


The new Fussy Cut Shapes work with all Jaybird Quilt rulers (Hex'n'more, Sidekick and Super Sidekick).

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